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  1. Penny
    November 11, 2018 @ 9:48 am

    These are all good points here Alex on why men cheat..but I feel they are all excuses and that goes for women as well…if two people are truly committed I’m really committed to one another these things would never happen..for instance my younger brother first wife cheated on him was mean to him..she was a awful person…thank god they divorced. But then he meet the love of his and was married to her for 23 years until she recently passed away…I’m here to tell after watching their love for each other grow was nothing less than amazing. The commitment and love they had to each other was wonderful. The way they made sure each other was happy it too was something else..I could go on and on..but at the end of the day..each everyday it take two to make a marriage or relationship special to keep that ” spark going” so there wont be a excuse for cheating!


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